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Chiropractic is a Philosophy, Science and Art.

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Chiropractic is a philosophy, science and art. The philosophy of chiropractic is built upon the constructs of vitalism, holism, conservatism, naturalism and rationalism. It provides context for the application of science and art.

Health is a state of optimal physical, emotional and social well-being. Central to the philosophy of chiropractic is the principle that life is intelligent. This innate intelligence strives to maintain a state of health through adaptation mechanisms. The nervous system is recognized as an avenue for these self-regulating processes. Interference with neurological function can impede these mechanisms, disrupt homeostatic balance and adversely impact health. Chiropractic believes that subluxation of the spinal column and other articulations can affect nervous system function and the expression of health, which may result in symptoms, infirmity and disease.

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Viking Chiropractic

Offers Therapeutic Exercise sessions for all ages and goals. These sessions utilize a functional full body approach by strengthening under looked areas that may have become weakened from lack of use over time. The workout programs get straight to the point and provide reduced pain, weight loss, less stiffness of joints, improved mental clarity, increased strength, improved recovery time, increased range of motion and mobility in joints, and lead to ease of daily tasks – such as getting up and down off the ground, increased grip strength, and energy levels.

If there is an initial exercise or type of movement that concerns you, your trainer will find a solution. Through conversations with your trainer, you will gain the physical ability and confidence you need.

The sessions begin with a full body movement evaluation to determine your current strengths and weaknesses, this is what is used to customize and prioritize your workouts.

Reach out to Viking Chiropractic (616) 374-7880 to get started on your goals and healthy lifestyle.

Halo Therapy unit

Foot detox and red light therapy are two different methods of detoxification, and they work in different ways.

Foot detox is a process that involves soaking your feet in a warm water bath that contains salt and other minerals. The idea behind this method is that the minerals in the water will help to draw out toxins from your body through your feet. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that foot detox can remove toxins from your body 1.

Red light therapy, on the other hand, is a technique that uses low-level wavelengths of light to address issues such as scars, wounds, wrinkles, and more. It works by stimulating the mitochondria in your cells, which helps to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of life.

Our Class

Our Services

Viking Chiropractic provides the finest chiropractic care to the residents in the Lakewood school district and its surrounding communities

(Ages 30-50)

Toning Classes are aimed toward middle-aged adults that are looking to lose excess weight and gain lean muscle. These classes are 30-45 minutes long and include more cardio than the other class options.

(Ages 50-100+)

Increased age does not have to lead to decreased ability. Mature Classes are geared toward bringing back functionality to the client and help to regain the ability to do once loved activities. At a bit slower pace and more customized than the other options, these classes take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

(Ages 18+, or younger with parental consent)

General Fitness classes are for anyone that wants to feel healthier, stronger, and more mobile. These classes are 30-45 minutes long and are customized based on improving any insufficiencies and/or aiding certain goals the client may have.

(Ages 18+, or younger with parental consent)

Athletic Training classes are geared toward providing young athletes with a competitive edge in their sport and help to prevent injuries. These classes are not customized based on the athlete’s sport but are intended to provide advancements across the board of athleticism starting at the athlete’s current level. These classes are 30-45 minutes long.

(All Ages) 

This is a 60-minute meeting that breaks down how calories and different nutrients impact your body and mind. The goal of this meeting is to give you all the tools/information you need to complete any goals you have regarding your body composition. This could be increased muscle tone or decreased body fat.

(All Ages, Starting 11/4/23)

Group Stretching classes utilize stretches and foam rolling. These are for anyone and everyone looking for decreased soreness and stiffness across their whole body. These classes will increase the mobility of every joint and are 30-45 minutes in length.

(Ages 18+, or younger with parental consent – classes hosted by appointment)

Group Athlete Classes are fast paced and help young athletes gain a competitive advantage in any sport. They are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

Our Team

Viking Chiropractic provides the finest chiropractic care to the residents in the Lakewood school district and its surrounding communities. Chad Hickey DC will help alleviate any lingering pain or injury through his highly effective chiropractic techniques.

We offer back and neck pain management treatment, massage therapy and corrective exercises. Rest assured that Viking Chiropractic will tailor a personalized wellness program that specifically targets your unique needs.

Chad Hickey DC


I am a Palmer College graduate with over 25 years of experience. I strive to have an office that can treat the "whole" patient...


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James Leadbetter III


I  am a certified personal trainer that specializes in functional training for all ages. This type of training utilizes exercise movements in order to improve daily functionality, strength, mobility, and reduce pain/stiffness.

Lek Kathu

It is my intention to use massage therapy to provide quality care for all of my patients.
I work to create a customized, outcome-driven treatment plan for each patient and their specific needs.
I specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Medical Massage as well as other therapeutic techniques. All to increase range of motion, release tension, stress and holding patterns associated with injury, trauma and repetitive movements. Restoring balance and leave you feeling your best.

Christy Eldridge

I specialize in Myofascial Release Therapy. “Myo” refers to muscle, and “fascia” to the elastic web of connective tissue that ties your body together. My technique helps relieve tension and pain by releasing and lengthening both muscles and fascia.

Mandy Nurenberg

I am an LMT with 15 plus years experience. I am committed to providing personalized care to each client, while tailoring my treatments to address specific needs. My warm and compassionate demeanor creates an environment that is comfortable and rejuvenating for those who seek my services.

Ellary Pachulski

I am a licensed massage therapist at Viking Chiropractic. I specialize in relaxation massage and deep tissue massage. I started my career as an LMT in 2022, so I am working towards expanding my knowledge into additional services that I will soon be able to provide!

Chad Hickey DC

I am a Palmer College graduate with over 25 years of experience. I strive to have an office that can treat the “whole” patient. I typically use Gonstead and Diversified techniques, but I am always looking to learn new treatment protocols through continuing education. Our office has achieved what has been my vision for years. We offer several different massage therapists who each bring their own expertise, and now we are able to offer personalized training classes that can target specific body parts or overall body correction. I have loved my opportunity to treat the Lakewood community for all these years and look forward to many more years of interactions.